How can I help you?

Graphic design is good for questioning, discovering and understanding things; it helps you express yourself and find your identity. I love it. It's what I do, but also what I am.

Schooled in Louisiana, Uppsala, Stockholm and London, I’ve previously worked as a designer at the consultancy HGV in London and as an art director at the advertising agency Rönnberg & Co (later Rönnberg McCann) and formed Liedgren Design in 1998.

I welcome all types of clients: big, hefty corporations and fresh entrepreneurs, international and local. I also like exploring all types of media: film, events, print, digital, music, shoe laces, whatever. The variety is stimulating: it keeps me on my feet and never stops presenting new challenges, both practical and intellectual. Samples on display here come from all phases of my career.

This is a new studio (a space I share with copywriter Mattias Jersild). I work solo, but gather the congenial forces for your projects. That's not a bad thing. It saves money and promises enthusiasm. I collaborate with lots of fantastic people.

Call me. Write to me. Let’s work together!

Oscar Liedgren Studio
Kungsgatan 44, v
se 11135 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 70 319 14 16